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5 ways to make your employees the best ambassadors for your company on LinkedIn

In our digital world, we are all in a position to be considered opinion leaders. That is why it is so important that we all become aware and share the responsibility to use our social voices in the most professional and respectful way possible.

This is particularly important when it comes to LinkedIn, the leading social network for professional matters. LinkedIn is where we post or look for work, as well as connecting, sharing content, and following content shared by a variety of people and other companies, including current and potential clients, past and present co-workers and contacts, business partners, industry bodies, prospective employees, professional groups, and past and future employers.

By connecting our current employer to our individual LinkedIn accounts, we essentially take responsibility for representing the company we work for. This means that our actions on LinkedIn must be in line with the values of the company. That’s why many companies share LinkedIn’s guidelines for employees or best practices for employee advocacy.

Keeping these values, guidelines, and best practices in mind when interacting on LinkedIn will mean that you are engaging with the platform in a way that has a positive impact on both your individual networks and professional development, as well as your company’s social profile. .

The benefits for the employer

It is well known that flying below the social radar is not part of good business strategy. A strong presence on LinkedIn is vitally important, and the well-proven key benefits are:

Commercial development – Drive Direct Leads, Drive More Voice Engagement

Customer relations / customer service: share engaging content that resonates with customers, increase customer referrals, provide another communication channel for customers

Human Resources: establish company as employer of choice, attract new employees

Public relations and problem management: establish meaningful relationships with opinion formers and influencers, manage problems and crises.

But companies should be aware that they cannot go it alone to achieve these benefits solely through their corporate LinkedIn account. In fact, they’ll see more benefits sooner if they recognize and act on the fact that using their employees on LinkedIn is critical to their success.

The Power of the Individual on LinkedIn

In today’s highly dispersed and competitive business environment, advocating for employees on LinkedIn is important to all businesses. This is because LinkedIn has found that content shared by employees has a 2X greater impact than when shared by a company. It also found that marketers who share content regularly are 45% more likely to exceed their goals, and companies that are social are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 20% more likely to retain them.

Whether your organization employs 10 people or a team of thousands, it’s important to understand the collective value these people bring to your brand identity, reach, and success.

Strategies to turn employees into the best social defender of a company

While many employers are aware of the power of their employees’ voices on LinkedIn, it can often be a challenge for companies to figure out how to get employees regularly engaged on LinkedIn. Some examples are:

  1. Recruit some LinkedIn champions to encourage and support other employees to become active on LinkedIn and allow them to schedule 30-45 minutes a week to stay active on LinkedIn as part of their role.
  2. Share some suggested LinkedIn copies and images with employees via email or other internal communication platform on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so they can simply copy and paste to their own LinkedIn.
  3. Have an internal or external marketing team take over the LinkedIn accounts of company executives to ensure that these often well-connected but busy employees stay active and engaged on LinkedIn.
  4. Consider a gamification platform that encourages employees to compete with each other on LinkedIn. Incentivize employees to be as active as possible on LinkedIn through company recognition or awards for employees who shared the most or received the most responses to their posts.
  5. Invest in a platform like Hootsuite Amplify to make it easier than ever for your employees to access and share approved posts with their LinkedIn networks.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for your business if you know how to take advantage of it. For more information on turning your employees into motivated LinkedIn advocates, contact us.

social networks

The 3 great uses of Clubhouse for your business

Club House (Club House) is an audio social network for sharing constructive conversations between industry professionals and celebrities. It works in a very simple way: it is like an interactive radio program in which all participants can speak.

It is still by invitation only, but it is not difficult to sign up. It works by topic or channel, which can be chosen to track or just create your own. Business people like Elon Musk, or celebrities like Oprah are using an anonymous account to test the app. The community is full of interesting people from the tech industry, marketers, investors, and influencers. The exclusivity (each user can only invite a limited number of their contacts) has made it a rather restricted conversation application with interesting people.

Why could it be relevant to you? It is a platform that will provide new and important opportunities for brands and marketing, professionals and also personal:

1. Networking. In the world of COVID-19, lockdowns and travel bans, there aren’t many conferences and business events where executives expose themselves to the right audience. In Clubhouse, you can quickly build a room where your team, new product developers, or brand ambassadors can engage in exclusive conversations on a large scale.

2. Opinion leadership and influencers participation. Active participation in the room, as a moderator or presenter, will also give you the opportunity to show your knowledge and be noticed by people interested in your business and recognize you as a person of authority. This also appears to be a medium that will naturally lend itself to working with key influencers and opinion leaders (KOLs).

3. Spread news. There aren’t a ton of reporters and media outlets on the app yet, but as this community grows, all sorts of great use cases for social audio will emerge. People will start creating rooms to share breaking news, protests, a political convention or a product launch… all live. It will be a natural environment for those who work in the broadcast media. It will be a great tool for reinventing the traditional press conference, especially if they eventually add video to your offering. But what will not be is a podcast.

The one thing the platform isn’t about: direct sales and sponsored sales pitches … at least for now. Linkedin and Facebook were originally conceived to connect with people and today they are powerful sales engines.

Do you want to know how to use Clubhouse for your brand?

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